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Jellybean is a play - based center.

We allow the children to create their learning space. Each child has their own interests and way of learning. We are here to encourage that. 

If you follow curriculum styles, we try to incorporate a mixture of Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio - Emilia, and Creative Curriculum. What we are most passionate about with these curriculum styles is child centered learning with individually directed activities and the creation of strong relationships between teacher and child. Teachers also work on projects with the children based off of what they are interested in or want to know. For example, what are our favorite foods? Let's grow them in our garden!


Our director and owner of Jellybean has always been the best at creating a space where kindness, happiness, and individualization are at the forefront. To help children learn how to become independent, our environment is set up to allow the children to make their own choices. By making their own choices, they are able to understand natural consequences as well as choose how they learn. Once they choose how they learn, learning becomes fun and interesting.  

We are a family here, and we want all children to feel loved and accepted. When you walk in, you will hear laughter, you will see smiles, and you will feel at home. 

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